Thursday, August 11, 2011

Snow and Blue Skies...Lots to Love

It's been three days of beautiful blue bird here at Arpa. The snow from the last storm, which had caught us all off guard, has settled (somewhat) and the skiing has been great. After coming back up the following morning, I've settled into a three day rotation with the guides at the Refugio.  It's been a  chance to grab some shots of groups skiing and the snowcats running up and down the hill. 

The scenery around Arpa is unlike any in the Northern Hemisphere. To the West lie the lower front ranges and the pacific ocean and to the East lies the great expanse of the High Andes. Unfolding beyond  Arpa is the Aconcagua Valley, whose brown hills and plains contrast vividly with the white slopes.

The new snow in particular has meant that the guides have been busy assessing snow stability and digging pits and doing some control work. For this last shot, I had dug myself a little perch on this spine to film Derek doing some control work on a large cornice. I won't spoil what I got, we'll be saving this shot for the film, but let's just say Derek got some big stuff to go.

I am currently looking forward to picking up Zach at the airport in two days. Can't wait to see you down here buddy!



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